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    Team Resources

    It's a funny thing how we often want to give the credit to an individual for the success achieved by a team. We talk about how Joshua conquered Jericho or how Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem, when in fact both of these feats were accomplished by many people working together under God.

    In a similar way, we can talk about the apostle Paul spreading the gospel through the Mediterranean region, and yet Paul himself would have been the first to point out how much he needed his team with him to make it happen. In fact, when he didn't have his team with him, he worked at a very different pace (see for example Acts 18 - notice how things change in verse 5 when the team arrives) or passed up on opportunities altogether (2 Corinthians 2:12-13). One of my favourite chapters in the Bible is Romans 16, where Paul acknowledges many of the great colleagues who have shared with him in the work.

    Church planting is not a lone wolf activity, and it works best when churches are planted by teams. Even Jesus himself gathered a team before setting out on his ministry, and as church planters we would be well served to invest in building our teams that can share in the work.

    In this collection of resources, we look at how we can build, develop and deploy teams in our church plants.


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    Humility: The Understated Ingredient of a Healthy Team
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