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    Multiplication Resources

    As we read the book of Acts, it is striking to see the mindset of those early apostles. They come across as dynamic and quick-moving, and their focus is rarely on getting a single church plant established, but rather they go from region to region starting new churches and letting those churches fill the region with new church plants.

    In this collection of resources, we will be looking at how we can grow God's kingdom through multiplication: multiplying ?disciples?, multiplying churches and multiplying movements, and we will look at what ?things? hold us back from doing this and how we can overcome them.


    How Going For Big Is Keeping You Small (with Tom O’Toole)
    Tom O'Toole is part of the team that leads Christ Church Manchester, a multi-site church that is part of the[...]
    Multiplying Disciples and Churches (with Steve Addison)
    Steve Addison is an international leader who has worked with many church planting movements across the world. He has written[...]


    Three Levels of Multiplication
    We all want growth, but not all growth is created equal.A few months ago, I sat down with Steve Addison[...]
    8 Things You Need to Reach a Region
    At Christ Church Manchester, we are unapologetic in our desire to reach the whole of Greater Manchester. Building one church[...]


    047: Raising Up Leaders From Within
    Colin Baron is a church planting Yoda who has been involved in starting many new churches in Manchester, elsewhere in[...]
    048: Send Your Superstars
    Tom O'Toole is part of the team that leads Christ Church Manchester, and he manages the Broadcast Network. In this[...]