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    Welcome To Broadcast

    ?Want to Plant Churches?

    ?Broadcast was started by the good people of Christ Church Manchester because we absolutely love church planting.

    In fact, we eat, sleep and bleed it.

    We want to see oodles of new churches started because we believe this is the key to reaching people, growing disciples and redeeming communities.

    We Want to Help?

    We set up Broadcast because we wanted to bring much-needed resources to the front lines.

    We know lots of people who know lots of stuff about church planting.

    We also know lots of people who are on the ground church planting and really need the stuff that our friends know.

    “Wouldn’t it be great,” we thought, “if we could bring the two together?”

    So we did.

    We started arranging some training hangouts (check out our archive here) where experienced church planters and apostles jump on a call with people who are currently planting, or hoping to do so one day and teach them on some aspect of church planting, before opening themselves up for a Q&A grilling.

    From here we started blogging, we have branched out into a few theology and world mission hangouts, we have set up a podcast and formed coaching masterclass groups for church planters.

    Really, We Want to Help?

    I have no idea where you are in your church planting journey.

    Perhaps you are not convinced that church planting is that big a deal. I’d love to convince you – try reading this for starters.

    Perhaps you see yourself planting one day but don’t feel ready. Hopefully, our resources can help prepare you for that day. Take a look at a few of the ways we may be able to help you.

    Or perhaps you are already in the thick of church planting. We’d love to get to know you and find out how we can help. Maybe you’d be up for dropping us an email and letting us know what you are up to?

    Thanks for reading - we hope to hear from you soon.

    We would love to get to know you a bit. Why not drop us an email and let us know a bit about what you are up to.