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    Multisite Training

    One of the biggest developments in planting and pioneering ministry in recent times has been the growth in popularity of multisite churches. 

    As well as sending out teams and planters to start brand new church plants, a lot of churches are also planting new sites of their church, and it is common for churches to describe themselves as 'One Church in X Locations'. 

    With this comes big opportunities. The pace of planting has rapidly increased as sites have been pioneered. The channels of support for those leading the work are much more developed, and the ownership is shared.

    But at the same time there are big challenges. What things should be held centrally and what should be devolved to the sites? How do you develop systems for leadership, teaching, finance and other areas of church life? Because multisite is a new phenomenon, lots of people are trying to answer these questions as they go, and depending on exactly what philosophy you start with in your multisite church, the answers reached vary greatly from one multisite church to another. 

    To help churches as they navigate these questions, we have put together a program of training webinars and events where we talk to experienced multisite practitioners about different challenges that multisite church throws up and some of the lessons they have learned along the way.

    The webinars in the program will take place on Thursday afternoons at 2pm and will include panel discussion and the opportunity for you to ask your questions of our guests. We will also be making the recordings of the webinars available after the event for those who are not able to join us live. 

    Understand Your Model of Multisite Church  |  September 19th

    Creating Space to Bring Through Leaders In Multisite  |  October 17th

    Developing Leadership Structures In a Multisite Church  |  November 14th

    Maximising the Impact of Preaching In a Multisite Church  |  January 16th

    How to Effectively Manage a Multisite Church  |  April 2020

    Keeping a Pioneering Zeal In Your Multisite Church  |  June 2020

    Using Tech to Increase Your Multisite Impact  |  September 2020

    Gaining Traction In Deprived Communities Through Multisite  |  October  2020 

    Adopting Churches Into a Multisite Church  |  November 2020