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    Church Planting Overseas

    ?Broadcast World Mission

    Following a calling to plant a church overseas is something that has unique demands. 

    Most of the content of Broadcast is relevant and helpful wherever you are planting, but when you are going into a cultural context that is significantly different to your own, this requires an extra set of skills and considerations. 

    To help prepare you for church planting overseas, we ensure that one of our Broadcasts each month is brought by somebody involved in international church planting and has a particular focus on this type of ministry.

    To view the archive of previous world mission focussed Broadcasts, take a look at this resource collection.

    How To Get Involved

    If you would like to explore a call to international mission further, please contact Andy at worldmissionstraining@gmail.com and let him know a bit about your current circumstances and future plans, and he will let you know how we can help.