089: Sharing in a Partner’s Call (with Ruth Hurd)

Broadcast recently hosted a church and site planters conference where we invited Steve and Ruth Hurd to share from their experience of church planting in the North of England. In this episode of the podcast, we bring a clip from that conference where Ruth talks about sharing in a partner's call.


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God Calls

  • Ruth and Steve had been part of Brickhill church in Bedford, which is like a spiritual home for them.
  • They had received church planting training on the Midlands Initiative.
  • As Ruth was at home, she was looking in her garden and God spoke to her saying, 'Prepare for a planting of the Lord'.
  • Later that day, Steve came back from prayer and fasting and told Ruth that somebody had prophesied, 'You have to go  to grow', and somebody else shared the word 'York', which is where they ended up going.
  • This made things very clear because God had spoken to both of them.
  • In 2009, when they moved from York to Huddersfield it was different - Steve had heard from God and Ruth needed to be led in it. 
  • Ruth felt secure on York and didn't feel ready to go - she didn't want to leave her house, her job or her church. 
  • However, God clearly provided a new leader for the church in York.
  • Ruth knew that God had spoken but knew it would be hard. She didn't want to stand in the way of what God would do through Steve.
  • When they first went to Huddersfield, they saw the poverty, the grafitti and the the ugliness and didn't see much of the beauty of the city. It was a dreary January day.
  • God reminded Ruth of Isaiah 53:2-4 and challenged her how she looked at things that she didn't see as beautiful.
  • That day there were signs that God was calling - two other couples had decided to look at church planting in Huddersfield on the same day and ended up bumping into each other.
  • Ruth needed to ask God to soften her heart for Huddersfield.
  • One day, God spoke to Ruth and reminded her that he knew what she loves and what she needs, and her eyes were opened to the beauty of the surrounding hills. In this, God helped Ruth get over the fear of going and she knows the call to this day.