067: Building Big Part 4 – Leaders and Teams

Broadcast recently hosted a 'Building Big' training day where we invited Terry Virgo to share from his experience building and leading Newfrontiers about how we can build big churches and movements. In this episode of the podcast, we bring you the fourth of a series of excerpts from the day, where Terry talks about the role of leaders and teams.


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Leaders and Teams

  • Teams do gather to leaders.
  • It happened with David and his Mighty Men - these guys weren't pushovers. 
  • It is the Holy Spirit that does it.
  • In the early days of Newfrontiers, Terry faced a lot of criticism - and it was hugely enriching to have a team of people whose hearts were there.
  • There should be nothing that can't be said in a team meeting - disagreement in the room is good (it's much better than agreement in the room followed by disagreement in the corridor afterwards).
  • You don't want people to be treading on eggshells around you. 
  • You want there to be firm friendships in the team. 
  • When there is a central team who then take things out to other teams, everyone on that central team needs to be able to explain the decision that was made in the room. 
  • Keep talking about it until you agree - even if that agreement eventually comes down to 'you're the leader of the team, and we will trust you'.
  • It is important not to let cynicism creep into the team.
  • Sometimes you need to make a call straight away, other times it is better to wait and pray.