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    Calling Resources

    In this collection of resources we explore the idea of calling.

    Calling is is something that is often talked about, but not always understood. We explore questions like what it means to be called by God, is it even a thing and how much does it matter for church planters.

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    When God Calls (with Judith Anniss)
    Judith Anniss is a part of the team that leads King's Church in Manchester, which is part of the Pioneer[...]
    Knowing Your Call and How it Develops (with Joel & Amie Kendall)
    Joel and Amie Kendall live in a global city in the Middle East, where they have moved to start a[...]


    Am I Called to Plant a Church?
    "Am I Called to Plant a Church?"It's a question that ?many of us ask at one time or another.Church planting[...]
    Building an Antioch Spirit Into Your Church
    One of my  favourite churches in the New Testament is the church in Antioch.This church was based in one of[...]


    073: Four Callings That Framed Forty Years of Ministry
    Colin Baron is a church planting Yoda who has been involved in starting many new churches in Manchester, elsewhere in[...]
    075: Do Whatever He Tells You (With Mike Pilavachi)
    At the heart of calling is the willingness to do whatever Jesus tells us to. In this episode we listen[...]